The Blu Room® is a patented technology that creates an atmosphere to insulate users from the outside world.

It provides the participant with a mind/body/spirit consciousness-lifting environment

that can augment one’s state of personal wellbeing and creative focus.


Highly polished mirrored stainless steel lines the interior walls, floor, and ceiling.

Illuminated throughout the session in soft blue LED light, the Blu Room® provides a novel environment and a unique atmosphere

enhanced by narrowband UVB light at the start of each session.

The room also includes music, ventilation, and design elements based upon proprietary research by JZ Knight, the inventor.


Since your brain isn’t busy responding to the stimulus of the everyday environment,

your mind is free to float down to a state of deep relaxation known as the theta state.


The Blu Room® is useful for anyone – including children and the elderly – who wants to step out of their daily environment.












Deep relaxation


Deep relaxation promotes vasodilatation, facilitating blood flow throughout the body and especially the brain.

A 20-minute Blu Room® session provides a natural “high” that creates a whole-body healing effect.


Power nap with a Blu Room boost 


There is a great deal of research on the benefits of a short nap during the day.
A 20-minute nap provides significant benefit for improved alertness and performance

without leaving you feeling groggy or interfering with nighttime sleep.
A 20-minute Blu Room® session will give you an extra boost over a regular nap.
Shift your brainwaves from beta (the day-to-day reactive state) to the deeper – more creative – frequencies of alpha or theta.


The theta state 


The theta brain state is a slower rate of brainwave that occurs during deep focus or during dream sleep.

The theta state can be accompanied by vivid imagery, creative thoughts, insights, and inspiration.

Many Blu Room® users report experiences similar to the theta state, including temporary loss of awareness of time, a sense of detachment, even mild euphoria.


A little slice of heaven on earth


The Blu Room® is based upon the metaphysical science of elsewhere – “on earth as it is in heaven.”

The Blu Room® creates a tranquil atmosphere that insulates the experiencer from the daily environment.

It provides the participant with a mind/body/spirit consciousness-lifting environment that can augment one’s state of mind. 

Beyond polarity In our daily waking state of consciousness, we are polarized in our thoughts and emotions, self and other, positive and negative, good and bad, morality and karma. To move in consciousness to the alpha or theta brain state provides a period of stasis, calm,
peace, and even joy in the absence of polarized thought. All pathologies begin as polarized attitudes that chemically stress the body.
When you remove the polarity, you make room for deep relaxation, a sense of tranquility,
and the opportunity for the greater mind to be present and observe a greater reality to be experienced in the body. 


Radiant health


Most spa/wellness programs treat the body. When we think “spa,” we often think of massage, facials, manicures, etc..
When we think “wellness program,” we conjure up weight loss, fitness, supplements, and more.
With the Blu Room®, relaxation and beauty starts with the mind.
True beauty is a radiance from within, where one feels calm, open, light, and inspired!
It is hard to be radiant when you are stressed out, in pain, in fear, or lacking sleep.
That is where the Blu Room® comes in.
The Blu Room® was specifically designed to give you peace in your mind, helping you to explore unknown vistas that were there all along.


Radio Interview


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in Late Night Health Radio:

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Blu Room® is an internationally registered trademark and service mark of JZ Knight, used with permission.

For more information about Blu Room® technology contact: Blu Room Enterprises, LLC, PO Box 5895, Lacey, WA 98509.